A.I.I.G. is a qualified Association for the training of the teaching staff, accredited to the MIUR (D. M. 27.02.2003).

It is an Institution dealing with the culture of the territory .

It is Member of  the European Standing Conference of Geography Teachers.

It is an Association for the Environmental Protection.



The AIIG, founded in Padua on April 22nd, 1954, has local Branches in all the Italian Regions and in almost all the Italian Provinces. The Association in fact, is made up of Regional Branches, that can be divided into Provincial, Interprovincial and City Branches.

The Italian Association of Geography Teachers works in order to fulfil the following aims:

a) promoting the meeting of geography teachers from any educational background and course of study;

b) fostering  scientific and didactic refresher courses for geography teachers and promoting the relationship with other subjects;

c) promoting the research and experimentation in teaching methodology in order to make teaching more and more effective;

d) protecting the teaching of geography in all the schools and institutions;

e) spreading the geographic education and culture at any level;

f) promoting the environmental knowledge and protection in the framework of a proper geographic and ecological education, according to a more functional management of the territory;

g) promoting the mutual international knowledge and understanding, the respect for multiculturality and diversity and the rights of all the populations to development and progress;

h) keeping in touch and exchanging experiences with other similar associations in Italy and abroad, particularly within the European Community; encouraging transnational projects, especially the ones devoted to the development of the European dimension.

Website: http://aiig.it/