Welcome to the European Photo Contest of the Night of Geography 2019!

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The theme of the contest is “Fieldwork at night”. Be creative with the theme and show us what it inspires you.

To enter, use: #geonightphoto (on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook) and send us your photo at: geonightphoto@gmail.com

By entering this contest, you are deemed to have read and agree with the following terms:

– You are the only author of your work and that it is your original work

– You are the sole copyright holder

– You agree to let the organisers of the Geonight photo contest use your photo and circulate it free of charge. You will be credited when your photo is published by the organisers.

If you have any questions concerning these terms and conditions, please contact us at geonightphoto@gmail.com

Rules of the contest:

– Send us your best photo (only one photo per contestant) and precise the name and first name of its author

– Mention the place and country (very important!) where the photo was taken

– Give your photo a title written in CAPITAL LETTERS

– Minimum resolution 3000×2000 pixels (6 million pixels)

The contest will close on March 15th.

The most “liked” photos for each participating country will enter the finale where the jury will decide the most original and representative photo.

The winner of the contest will have his/her photo as the poster of the European Night of Geography 2020!

The finalists (most “liked” photo on social media) will have their photo used for the promotion of next year’s event in their respective country.

Last year, over 15 000 people participated in the event throughout Europe!

So, grab your camera and may the best photo win!

This photo contest is integrated in the 2019 Night of Geography

(April 5th; more info at www.eugeo.eu and www.cnfg.fr)