Serbian Geographical Society
The Serbian Geographical Society was founded on 7 April 1910 by Jovan Cvijić, the leading
Serbian geographer at the time, and is the first association of geographers in the Balkans.
Since then, the Society has become representative of the entire Serbian geographical
At the beginning, the main objectives of the Society were defined as the development of
cooperation with other related sciences whose research and results are of geographical
importance, as well as the spatial scope of the research, i.e. the Balkan Peninsula.
While the original mission of the Serbian Geographical Society was the development of
geography as a scientific discipline, today it is dedicated to both research and education,
promoting the scientific dimension of geography and its importance in social practise, but
also geography as a school subject.
Since 1912, it has published the Bulletin of the Serbian Geographical Society, one of the most
important journals for geography and related disciplines
( In addition to this journal, it publishes two other
journals aimed primarily at geography teachers and students, which attempt to support
teachers in dealing with current scientific achievements and to popularise geography.
In order to inform about Serbian geographical research, to strengthen links with other
geographical and associated societies and to popularise geography, the Society initiates and
supports professional research, publishes books and journals, coordinates activities to
improve geography teaching, organises conferences, lectures and field trips, as well as the
geography competition for students.
In its early years, the Serbian Geographical Society had about 70 members, while today it has
more than 1200 members.
Serbian Geographical Society / Srpsko geografsko društvo
Studentski trg 3/3
11000 Belgrade