Association of professional geographers and regionalists (APGR), Republic of Bulgaria

The APGR was established in May 2014. It was inscribed in the register of legal entities as an association of non-profit public benefit by Sofia City Court, Decision № 1 / 07.11.2014.
As a new organization the APGR has managed to make its message to over 1,600 geographers from around the country up to 01.08.2015. Nearly 1,200 of them are already actively involved in its first initiatives. Over 1,000 have been officially submitted applications and documents for membership in the Association. So far the majority of the membership of APGR are teachers in primary, secondary and high schools. Active work lies ahead for attraction of geographers practicing other professions in the Association. It will be attracted other professionals using regional research approaches in the medium term.
The APGR has established regional branches in all administrative district centers. Steps are being taken for the establishment of municipal units in other major cities of the country – the first successful steps in this regard were made in Dupnitsa, Samokov, Etropole, Kazanlak, Karlovo, Nova Zagora and Karnobat. It was held the first meeting of the Board of coordinators and secretaries of the regional branches of APGR, in May 2015.
The main objectives of the APGR are related to proclamation of Geography as a complex science with interdisciplinary character and unique spatial research approach as a fundamental part of public knowledge with a huge applied potential. The APGR are going to realize organizational and methodological support of activities in higher, secondary and primary schools, NGOs and other legal entities associated with geographical researches , teaching and dissemination of geographical knowledge about the world, the Bulgaria homeland and its regions, protection of unique natural and cultural sites, participation in national and international projects and programmes. The Association is planned to create favorable conditions for dissemination and exchange of geographical knowledge and useful regional practices through paper or electronic publications, websites, mass media and information. It will conduct voluntary coordination of professional activity between: Bulgarian citizens and / or EU citizens with acquired higher geographical education; Geography teachers in primary, secondary and higher education; Citizens with higher education and / or teaching experience in Earth sciences, Regional Geography integrated with other scientific fields using regional research approaches; Natural and legal persons recognized the importance of spatial geographic analysis for social development in Bulgaria. The APGR supports the interaction between professional geographers and the central and regional public authorities in Bulgaria as well as works under legalization of geographer profession through its inclusion in the list of regulated professions in the Republic of Bulgaria. The APGR provides legal advice and economic consultation, legal assistance, moral, logistic and material support, protecting the professional rights of geographers and regionalists and represents geographical community in Bulgaria to civil society in the country and at international scientific forums of geographers.
“Rodopski izvor”Str.№ 64 A; residential area “Manastirski livadi”;
municipality “Stolichna”; region “Vitosha”