Information from Eva Konečnik Kotnik:

On 3rd of April 2020, the Association of Geographers of Slovenia planned lectures, round tables, workshops, a press conference, stands on Prešeren Square in Ljubljana and other events, as well as numerous meetings all over Slovenia. We managed to retain three of them: a videoconference meeting and award ceremony: for the best diploma or master’s thesis and for the best photos in primary schools in secondary schools and at universities.

The videoconference began at sunset. The purpose of the meeting was summarized by President of the Association of Geographers of Slovenia mag. Igor Lipovšek and dr. Eva Konečnik Kotnik.

They declared that the best student work was the Teja Bezgovšek research Light pollution – a project approach in secondary education (Faculty of Arts – Department of Geography – University of Maribor).

Rožle Mrvar Bratec, President of the Association of Teachers of Geography of Slovenia, proclaimed the best young photographers:


  • 1st place in primary schools: Tajda Bremec, Primary School dr. Janez Mencinger Bohinjska Bistrica (title of the photo: In addition to humanity, the lake also needs help)Tajda Bremec Poleg človeštva potrebuje pomoč tudi jezero
  • 2nd place: Matej Lozar, Primary School Šempas (title of the photo: Looking to the future),Matej Lozar Pogled v prihodnost
  • 3rd place: Miha Vetter, Primary School Prežihov Voranc Ravne na Koroškem (title of the photo: Lost)Miha Vetter Izgubljen
  • 1st place in secondary schools: Andrej Konič, School of Electrical and Computer Science – Nova Gorica School Center (title of the photo: View of the distant obscure valleys) 
    Andrej Konič Pogled v daljne nejasne doline

    2nd place: Andrej Poplašen, Nova Gorica High School (title of the photo: Water circle)Andrej Poplašen Vodni krog

    3rd place: Valentina Kreft, Murska Sobota Secondary Vocational and Technical School (title of the photo:  Mura witnesses of the past);Valentina Kreft Murski pričevalci preteklosti

  • 1st place at universities: Luka Požar, Faculty of Humanities – Department of Geography – University of Primorska (title of the photo: Mala vrata – Formerly the Passage to Čičarija, but today …) Luka Požar Mala vrata nekdaj prelaz proti Čičariji danes pa

    2nd place: Aleš Zver, Faculty of Arts – Department of Geography – University of Maribor (title of the photo: In the hot summer the water cools);Aleš Zver V vročem poletju voda hladi

    3rd place: Nastja Fekonja, Faculty of Arts – Department of Geography – University of Maribor (The location in Radgonsko – Kapelske gorice – I always introduce to my guests).Nastja Fekonja Lokacija v Radgonsko Kapelskih goricah ki jo vedno predstavim gostom 1024x683