logo portThe Portuguese Association of Geographers (henceforth referred to as APG) is a professional association that aims to contribute to the professional development and the correct deontological performance of geographers, to better serve society and the territory, fostering, developing and disseminating Portuguese geographic science and its applications.
Since its foundation, in 1987, it has sought to contribute to the valorization of Geography and to the recognition of the social utility of geographers and their professional activities, in areas such as teaching, planning and spatial planning, environmental studies and geographic information systems.
The APG currently brings together more than 350 people connected with Geography through teaching, research and the free practice of the profession of geographers. APG is a full member of IGU, being the representative of Portugal.
APG promotes, every two years, with the support of the different geography departments of Portuguese universities, the Congress of Portuguese Geography (http://apgeo.pt/congresso-da-geografia-portuguesa-0). In collaboration with the Association of Spanish Geographers (AGE), APG promotes, also every two years, and alternately in Portugal and Spain, the holding of the Iberian Geography Colloquium (http://apgeo.pt/coloquio-iberico-de-geografia).
The APG edits several publications (http://www.apgeo.pt/publicacoes-0), that are distributed free of charge to its members.

President (2020-2022): António Bento-Gonçalves (bento@geografia.uminho.pt)
Contacts: Associação Portuguesa de Geógrafos
Instituto de Ciências Sociais
Av. Professor Aníbal Bettencourt, n.º 9
1600-189 Lisboa
E-mail: geral@apgeo.pt
Website: http://www.apgeo.pt/associacao