Croatian Geographical Society (in Croatian officially Hrvatsko geografsko društvo (HGD), established in 1897) is a non-profit, non-government organization acting primarily as a national hub for professional geographers with its main goal of promoting geographic education, knowledge, skills and practices throughout the society. It is a member of Croatian natural science association (est. 1885), European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO) and of the International Geographical Union (IGU-UGI). The Croatian Geographical Society headquarters address is Marulićev trg 19, 10000 Zagreb, Croatia (Hrvatska). Its website URL is 

The Croatian Geographical Society was founded to encourage the dissemination of geographic research and knowledge, to cooperate with other similar societies in Croatia and abroad and to generally popularize geography. Improving geographic education and professionalization is among its major goals especially after WWII. Its members are mainly geography and geography education masters as well as alumni employed in business, government and nonprofit organizations in the Republic of Croatia.

The Society accomplishes its goals through its journals, one scientific (Hrvatski geografski glasnik,  ISSN 1331-5854, since 1929, currently 2 issues annually) and one professional/popular (Geografski horizont, ISSN 0016-7266, since 1955, currently 2 issues annually; occasional monographies/special editions; national congresses (every 4 years) and other scientific meetings; lifelong learning programs; national and international school geography competitions, web geography education and popularization. On many of its goals it cooperates with Ministry of science, education and sports, government educational agencies, university geographical institutions and regional geographic societies.